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Music Services.

Music Sub-Publishing  management.

  • Full and concrete relationship along with Siae’s organizations, meaning clearances of various catalogues titles, analysis of Siae’s statements and relevant collections.
  • Further on distribution of so called “black box income” is to be broken down and provided and made available to each single owner on statement.


Music Services to Advertising Agencies, Motion, Theatrical and TV Producers.

We all know how much of an Important role music plays in advertising and film, we create and use music to help emote feelings to the viewer.

Our music catalog is available for synchronization in movies, TV shows & advertising campaigns, Television and Radio Commercials, Documentaries.

With our “Emotions Search Engine” (a dedicated “Emotions data base”) we assist Advertising Agencies, Motion Pictures, Theatrical and TV Producers in the selection of best music works based on emotionally-driven story/scene.
C. A. Rossi Publishing has also access to many local studios that can create a tailored soundtrack for you.


Some reasons why you should choose us as your Italian Licensee/Sub-Publisher.

C. A. Rossi Publishing, and it’s Division “Digital Services”:

  • Have the best connections in our local record and music publishing field/market, due to the most prestigious catalogues which date back as far as 1952;
  • Constantly look after his Customers with regard to handling licensing and contracts for utilizations on line;
  • Have all required advanced Internet technologies as well as can rely on qualified specific means in order to develop projects of the so called “Participative Web” or Web 2.0, where the Internet user plays a most active and leading role.


Operating Structure.

The below-indicated structure is for International exploitation purposes only:

  • Senior Consultant to look after, develop and exploit International publishing businesses and transactions;
  • A media technology professional, to assist Clients and provide technical assistance (see coding/restoration services, digital music catalogues maintenance, etc..)
  • A dedicated accountability;
  • A Director General, for coordination and innovation technology consultancy/supervision.

In addition, well specialized personnel may be added to our organization from time to time, particularly the professionally and promotionally-wise ones.


Innovation Technology Services.

Web solutions for social music networks.

The web innovation technology is played as a marketing mean to be integrated with the promotion of music works in the B2B business relationship.

Our software specialists have deep competence and experience in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of music thematic portals

dedicated to artists/performers, small to medium publishers, to promotion of music catalogs based on original semantic search criteria (for the professional music market only)

  • Web secure authentication

to enable Innovative web publishing services and marketing campaigns, based on secure user authentication. For instance web identity pen drives solve all problems related to management and replication of systems based on user name and password, simply end efficiently.

  • Design and implementation of web fan club, fan discussion forum

to activate and canalize internet users attention and participation on social music, manage celebrity brand.

Our web projects are based on proven and reliable Open Source Content Management Systems which provide cost- effective and quality solutions.
These development platforms implement Rich Internet Applications and exploit innovative services like blogs, wikis, mash-up, RSS, pod casting, social tagging,  that represent the “Web 2.0 experience".


Open Source Consulting Services.

Thanks to our experience on Software Engineering we are a reliable partner of medium sized enterprises to plan, prepare, and coordinate achievable customer-specific content management and Open Source strategies.

Our consultancy services are carried on in following areas:

  • Customer needs analysis. After evaluating your needs, we will complete an unbiased analysis of the available options and implement the solution to get the best results with the minimum of disruption.
  • Selecting the right Open Source product to solve a particular business problem. We determine the right Open Source solution capable to fit your requirements, budget costs and delivery times.
  • Customizing the Open Source product helps the clients to customize the existing open source products available in the market. For customization, we add new features on the top of the product and improve existing features.
  • Integrating different Open Source products to develop the best solution. We provide the best practice to integrate various existing open source products to solve a particular business problem based on the client requirements.
  • Support. Full support and maintenance for any solution we build or implement is guaranteed and assisted according to the selected Service Level Agreement.

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