Biography of Carlo Alberto Rossi

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Biography of Carlo Alberto Rossi

It’s been said:

"C. A. Rossi has been putting “black tie” on the Italian song."

Carlo Alberto Rossi is one of the most outstanding Italian songwriters.
His music has brought him world-wide acclaim and is considered comparable to the finest American output of Cole Porter, Gershwin, Kern and Berlin.

He’s definitely amongst most prolific Composers/Writers and he’s the one responsible for turning Italian song and melody into something never ever created before, even long before so called “Singers-Performers” came along. He was really instrumental in forging then current trend to make it and shape it in a purer fashion and more sophisticated way altogether.

Evidently many of them have so fallen into the evergreen status and still do make a lot of noise.

He was born in Rimini, the birthplace of Federico Fellini, on the Adriatic coast. He passed from the study of medicine alongside to that of the piano, and developed his innate talent for composition.
Between the fifthees and the sixtees he foundend with great success the historical C. A. Rossi Publishing, the Ariston Records, the Fonorama Studios, and the Juke Box Rec., supported by the Juke Box Service.
Morevore, at the Adriatic coast, he opened up two very interesting colossal Dancing and Entertainment Clubs to show well-known new talents. His songs and films won numerous Grammy Awards.
Variuos international singers have paid homage to his talent through their unforgettable perfomances: Bing Crosby, Sarah Vaughan, Julio Iglesias, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, Ray Charles, Connie Francis, Eartha Kitt, Pat Boon, Gene Pitney, to name but a few, in addition to our aritst Mina, who was the first to perfomr and record  “E se domani” hit.

“ It’s not up to you to select my songs, my songs are the ones to choose you…”.

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